Monday, 10 August 2015

Down the memory lane!!

Dear Boot campers,

I know this is a bit old school, but it's about time to write a letter to my fellow boot campers. I am writing this letter with average amount of mixed emotions an average person can feel after thinking about life for a whole weekend.Its been over 5 years since we all first met and being  together for how much ever work experience we manage to put against our first employer on our resume, most of us happen to forget our group's sweetheart's birthday last week. Although we all managed to look upon the incident as mature adults and move on with our lives, it kept me wondering how much  our lives has drifted apart physically and mentally.

I still remember the first day at the office those proud looks, pounding hearts, eagerness to be the best, excitement with a hint of nervousness as we all set the sail on out new journey to explore the professional world.We all knew that we had to work as we were paid for it but we never missed out on any opportunity to have fun.I believe we were trend setters of the team and managed to get through any boring work by injecting fun into it. I used to get this a lot - "In your work place no body is a friend, everyone is a colleague and will be waiting for an opportunity to get on top of you" which in our case is a myth. We had no problems in trusting each other in any work place or personal matters which let to the strong bond. Not to forget the innumerable number of  birthday parties, office parties, Dandeli, Coorge and so many hangouts, farewells that we added to our memories, only to bring us closer.

The only thing permanent in life is CHANGE. Although we have got down at our respective destinations to follow our career aspirations and reaching great heights, thanks to technology we have managed to stay in touch amid our busy schedules. This only shows that we love and respect the friendship we have. People are married, getting married, having kids, starting companies, working with some big names making films but kudos to all who are dropping in messages now and then to stay connected(including me!!):)

I know this is a bit much to ask, but July 1st 2010 was the day we(with some exceptions) met. July 1st 2020, I will be in Udupi upahar(Hopefully its there still) having coffee, idly, jalfrazy etc and I hope that all of  you will be on that table with me !! Since I am informing you very early, I know no one can say I am busy :P Miss you all guys and good luck to whatever you are doing.

This letter is dedicated to that one awesome person who was the GLUE that held the group together and to whom I forgot to wish on her birthday.Belated Happy birthday Kittu:)


Sunday, 17 March 2013

The gift of Smile :)

Guys this post is about a Madads show, I had been to yesterday by a team called PunchTantraa. I was overwhelmed by their show,So as a token of appreciation ,I wrote this letter (Actually an Email :P) to them.

I always believe that making someone smile or laugh is the best gift you can give anyone … but the problem is different people become happy for different reasons. You guys – “Punchtantraa” are a surprise package, gift wrapped with a ribbon and a bow on the top. Let me explain a little more about what I mean –

Surprise package – As a team you guys extremely talented and unique and every actor brings out the best in himself. As a whole the act will turn out to be something that no one would have expected. Just for an instance the guys who played the bikes wheels or was the ticking clock in the signal or the ones who were the arrows in the Mahabharata act… no matter how small a time they were on the stage, they make their presence feel by giving their best. To mention about the main characters in all the acts, they always make you anxious and obviously ROFLMAO J

Gift wrapped – Your script and the narrator is like the awesome gift wrapping to the surprise package. Hats of guys to the script… I don’t know how you get the script done, but 100 marks to creativity, originality and presentation. Just a curious question… Home many narrators were there yesterday?  With the girl shouting in the first row, I couldn’t even get the Name of the Narrator… All I could hear was “Awwwwwsooommmeee”… Well that’s a name that suits you Mr. Narrator.

Ribbon – Is the stage, lighting, music, people who worked backstage and supported every one of you to make the show a huge success… I feel like I am saying vote of thanks…but ya there was one person who helped me and my friends find some good seats ... thanks to him J

Bow on the Top – Very important one. “Sumne bandva… Act madidva … Nagisdva.. Tata byee heli hogonva” anta you guys done act. There is always a message that you convey through your act. The Nirbhaya Act – Dirty Picture was really touching. An Act becomes a best Act, if its haunts you with its scenes, dialogues and the message even after the Act is over for a long time. Kannadadalli “Ade Gungu” antaralla hange… Don’t know about others, but for me definitely Ade Gungu J. You guys really deserved the Standing Ovation.

So thanks guys for the gift of Punchtantraa you gave for me and everyone yesterday. Keep rocking and spreading smiles J

All the best
Kiran :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Yesterday ,Today and Whenever I see you !!

Ok I have been a lazy ass and haven’t written anything since my first post that was like 6 months back. Nevertheless today I am going to share a special letter that I wanted to write to one of my special child hood friend… No no not a love letter again... Hope you enjoy it!!!!

Hi Tom,

Long time no see man!! Today I was just changing the channels and wow... I was so glad to see you on screen after a long time. I felt like writing this letter to you for all the things you have done to me as a token of special thanks.

I still remember those days when I used to run home from school, just to get a glimpse of you. Dude you were awesome and you used to make me forget about school and all the bad things that had happened da whole day and the best thing about you is … you used to make me ROFL. (Ya folks it’s the same Tom you are thinking about)

So Tom wassup man... you still look the same even after like 15 years... but funnier than ever. Looks like jerry is still troubling you very much. Well I will let you in on a little secret - That little chap loves you more than his cheese. You must have heard the saying - “We always hurt the Ones we love” J

Do you know something man… I have a lot of questions for you  like
  • Is that a mouse trap you use or is it a cat trap??...Coz you always end up caught in that J
  • Y do the crackers that you throw at jerry wont burst, but the same thing bursts when he throws at you?
  • Y do you always sleep close to a Bowling ball or anvil placed at a height near you?
  • Does your Mistress have a face?
  • Are you soo dumb, that you can’t tie a proper knot and always end up tying yourself up?
  • Y does the gun always back fires when you shoot??
  • This is very important... When you have so many things to eat in your refrigerator... y are you behind that god damn mouse??

Dude the list goes on man... we should catch up sometime and discuss... coz most of the things happen to me too at my work. Looks like we are kind of sailing in the same boatJ.  But one thing man... if these things had not happened to you.. I wouldn’t have laughed at you or no one would have. You might not be superman or spider man... But those people never made me” ROFL” … between dude you are an awesome Pianist  J

Tom you might not be aware of this, but now a days people are becoming more materialistic and they are forgetting to laugh. They go in search of materialistic pleasures and are forgetting the whole essence of life. I think it’s high time that we get that smile on...  and get a life .Thanks for making me smile yesterday, today and whenever I see you J

I hope people who know Tom and Jerry would have a grin on their faces by now.

Keep Smiling,