Monday, 10 October 2011

My First Love Letter ( The Proposal)

I am starting off with a very common but interesting topic among the youth.This is my attempt to write a proposal letter to my girl friend ( which I don't have). The names in this letter are fictitious.Hope you enjoy reading this.

Hi Preethi,

Why do you miss a person? It´s either because you never treasured the moments when she was always there with you.... or you were too happy with her that you became so used to the idea of having her around,that when you finally walked separate lives, you realized that every moment spent without her is like, dying stars that slowly leave the sky empty.

I am writing this letter after gathering all the courage that I could get after 5 years... to just say something to you…that I don’t know how to say L…but let me start from the beginning ... it all started from September 2006....when it was just a week in college… making new friends, understanding what engineering was all about … when I saw you for the first time... I still remember that day very clearly… I was as usual running late to the class… and for a week it had become a habit to see da last bench to check whether Aishwarya had come to the class  :P …it was one of those days when Aishwarya was like the babe in the class…you know what I mean  :P… but that day I saw an angel ....sitting in the last bench… eagerly waiting for someone(I soo wished it to be me) ... as I came I couldn’t take off my eyes off you... but you were never looking at me L…busy with your cell… expecting a reply from someone... I was stealthy looking at you da whole day… you were looking sooo silent but yet soooo dangerous with your red jacket on J

I don’t know what I liked in you... but I wanted to be your friend... although it took a week to speak to you for the first time...I was admiring you the whole week J...although we din’t talk much in the first conversation ... was just the hi hi and which college u from things... I felt very shy when I was speaking with you J... but one thing that made me happy was that you were in my batch for both the labs.

I was eagerly waiting for the next day we had lab and thought that I could sit next to you, I could get a chance to talk with you J... I was so happy to see the angel ... you were wearing an orange dress and looked more beautiful than ever J...but the system next to you was occupied... I cursed myself for coming late... but I completed the lab assignment fast and was waiting for you to complete and go out of lab ... after a long wait of 10 min…you walked out ... and I followed you to talk with you J…that’s the day I realized how sweet you were... and that won’t change forever J

Then came the fresher’s day ... that day you were looking too good... no words to describe you J…I think that’s the first time I fell for you ... and that was the day for the first time in my life that a girl ever sat behind me on my bike J

After that everything was like a fairy tale and I had got the feeling of “lived happily ever after “... everything was so perfect... late night messaging, calling, studying for internals, getting internal papers, having fun, talking stupid things for long hours...all these things made me get more and more close to you... made me think you were getting sweeter day by day... n everything seemed so perfect… missing all those thing very badly L

After that when everything was going fine ... suddenly I don’t know from where dristi biittu ...on us... I had to pass through very bad times L...the best part was that even if I tried to hate you ... I couldn’t do that... you are such a sweet girl ... but this period made me realize how much I liked you...I missed you very badly J

People say that if you love someone, be brave enough to tell them or be brave enough to watch them being loved by someone else… I am definitely  not that brave to handle the second case... but even if I don’t have any of the qualities in your list of perfect guy to you ...I have gathered all my courage ... to ask u for the first time (and won’t be bothering you too much too) and so the last time... I Love You ...will you be my love forever??????

Don’t think I am bothering you... I am just doing this because day after some 20 years... I should not get up in the morning with a guilty feeling... that I should have proposed Preethi when I could… that would haunt me throughout my life...J you have all the time in the world to reply... but one thing is for sure... I like you very much and am seriously gonna miss you J...keep smiling.

Probably after reading this mail... you may stop talking to me... please don’t do that... but I am very scared that it will happen… that’s why I insisted you to meet me soo much last week...Thanks for adding one more sweet day to my memory ... all the memories with you were sweet and unforgettable...I will re-remember re-cherish and take all the beautiful memories to my grave J

Waiting n waiting n waiting

The Beginning...

Hi Guys,

The First step is always difficult, but it is something that everyone has to take to start any Journey. Well this is my first post or should I say my first letter on my blog “My Letters for Life – The way to communicate.

Being a Telecommunication Engineer, the first question that was asked in my first class was “What is communication?”- Well many answers came out saying transmitter, receiver, medium and connecting it to a number of technologies like Telephone, television, Mobile, SMS, Internet, Satellite etc.  All these technologies have made the world smaller. We can speak face to face with friends and families who are miles apart in matter of seconds. But are we really communicating??? Are we really connecting with each other??? Are we conveying our feelings to the other person as we want to??? .. Sometimes we may but most of the time it’s just interaction.

I personally feel that Letters are the best and effective way to convey our feelings to others. When I was young, I used to see the post man delivering letters to every house in my locality. That made me wonder who writes so many letters – would it be a letter from a son far away to his parents, or a husband to wife or it might be a Love letter or a letter from a grandson to his grandparents or a greeting card from a friend … it might have been anything but what actually mattered is that the letter makes the recipient happy.  People used to wait for days to get a reply for their letters and the wait was worth it. If you are scared to say something to someone, the best way to do is to by writing a letter.

Letters make words, words make Letters. In this blog I am going to share my collection of letters that I have written to various people or any letter I am gonna write in future. Hope you will enjoy reading them.

Laugh Love Live,