Thursday, 29 March 2012

Yesterday ,Today and Whenever I see you !!

Ok I have been a lazy ass and haven’t written anything since my first post that was like 6 months back. Nevertheless today I am going to share a special letter that I wanted to write to one of my special child hood friend… No no not a love letter again... Hope you enjoy it!!!!

Hi Tom,

Long time no see man!! Today I was just changing the channels and wow... I was so glad to see you on screen after a long time. I felt like writing this letter to you for all the things you have done to me as a token of special thanks.

I still remember those days when I used to run home from school, just to get a glimpse of you. Dude you were awesome and you used to make me forget about school and all the bad things that had happened da whole day and the best thing about you is … you used to make me ROFL. (Ya folks it’s the same Tom you are thinking about)

So Tom wassup man... you still look the same even after like 15 years... but funnier than ever. Looks like jerry is still troubling you very much. Well I will let you in on a little secret - That little chap loves you more than his cheese. You must have heard the saying - “We always hurt the Ones we love” J

Do you know something man… I have a lot of questions for you  like
  • Is that a mouse trap you use or is it a cat trap??...Coz you always end up caught in that J
  • Y do the crackers that you throw at jerry wont burst, but the same thing bursts when he throws at you?
  • Y do you always sleep close to a Bowling ball or anvil placed at a height near you?
  • Does your Mistress have a face?
  • Are you soo dumb, that you can’t tie a proper knot and always end up tying yourself up?
  • Y does the gun always back fires when you shoot??
  • This is very important... When you have so many things to eat in your refrigerator... y are you behind that god damn mouse??

Dude the list goes on man... we should catch up sometime and discuss... coz most of the things happen to me too at my work. Looks like we are kind of sailing in the same boatJ.  But one thing man... if these things had not happened to you.. I wouldn’t have laughed at you or no one would have. You might not be superman or spider man... But those people never made me” ROFL” … between dude you are an awesome Pianist  J

Tom you might not be aware of this, but now a days people are becoming more materialistic and they are forgetting to laugh. They go in search of materialistic pleasures and are forgetting the whole essence of life. I think it’s high time that we get that smile on...  and get a life .Thanks for making me smile yesterday, today and whenever I see you J

I hope people who know Tom and Jerry would have a grin on their faces by now.

Keep Smiling,