Sunday, 17 March 2013

The gift of Smile :)

Guys this post is about a Madads show, I had been to yesterday by a team called PunchTantraa. I was overwhelmed by their show,So as a token of appreciation ,I wrote this letter (Actually an Email :P) to them.

I always believe that making someone smile or laugh is the best gift you can give anyone … but the problem is different people become happy for different reasons. You guys – “Punchtantraa” are a surprise package, gift wrapped with a ribbon and a bow on the top. Let me explain a little more about what I mean –

Surprise package – As a team you guys extremely talented and unique and every actor brings out the best in himself. As a whole the act will turn out to be something that no one would have expected. Just for an instance the guys who played the bikes wheels or was the ticking clock in the signal or the ones who were the arrows in the Mahabharata act… no matter how small a time they were on the stage, they make their presence feel by giving their best. To mention about the main characters in all the acts, they always make you anxious and obviously ROFLMAO J

Gift wrapped – Your script and the narrator is like the awesome gift wrapping to the surprise package. Hats of guys to the script… I don’t know how you get the script done, but 100 marks to creativity, originality and presentation. Just a curious question… Home many narrators were there yesterday?  With the girl shouting in the first row, I couldn’t even get the Name of the Narrator… All I could hear was “Awwwwwsooommmeee”… Well that’s a name that suits you Mr. Narrator.

Ribbon – Is the stage, lighting, music, people who worked backstage and supported every one of you to make the show a huge success… I feel like I am saying vote of thanks…but ya there was one person who helped me and my friends find some good seats ... thanks to him J

Bow on the Top – Very important one. “Sumne bandva… Act madidva … Nagisdva.. Tata byee heli hogonva” anta you guys done act. There is always a message that you convey through your act. The Nirbhaya Act – Dirty Picture was really touching. An Act becomes a best Act, if its haunts you with its scenes, dialogues and the message even after the Act is over for a long time. Kannadadalli “Ade Gungu” antaralla hange… Don’t know about others, but for me definitely Ade Gungu J. You guys really deserved the Standing Ovation.

So thanks guys for the gift of Punchtantraa you gave for me and everyone yesterday. Keep rocking and spreading smiles J

All the best
Kiran :)

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