Monday, 10 August 2015

Down the memory lane!!

Dear Boot campers,

I know this is a bit old school, but it's about time to write a letter to my fellow boot campers. I am writing this letter with average amount of mixed emotions an average person can feel after thinking about life for a whole weekend.Its been over 5 years since we all first met and being  together for how much ever work experience we manage to put against our first employer on our resume, most of us happen to forget our group's sweetheart's birthday last week. Although we all managed to look upon the incident as mature adults and move on with our lives, it kept me wondering how much  our lives has drifted apart physically and mentally.

I still remember the first day at the office those proud looks, pounding hearts, eagerness to be the best, excitement with a hint of nervousness as we all set the sail on out new journey to explore the professional world.We all knew that we had to work as we were paid for it but we never missed out on any opportunity to have fun.I believe we were trend setters of the team and managed to get through any boring work by injecting fun into it. I used to get this a lot - "In your work place no body is a friend, everyone is a colleague and will be waiting for an opportunity to get on top of you" which in our case is a myth. We had no problems in trusting each other in any work place or personal matters which let to the strong bond. Not to forget the innumerable number of  birthday parties, office parties, Dandeli, Coorge and so many hangouts, farewells that we added to our memories, only to bring us closer.

The only thing permanent in life is CHANGE. Although we have got down at our respective destinations to follow our career aspirations and reaching great heights, thanks to technology we have managed to stay in touch amid our busy schedules. This only shows that we love and respect the friendship we have. People are married, getting married, having kids, starting companies, working with some big names making films but kudos to all who are dropping in messages now and then to stay connected(including me!!):)

I know this is a bit much to ask, but July 1st 2010 was the day we(with some exceptions) met. July 1st 2020, I will be in Udupi upahar(Hopefully its there still) having coffee, idly, jalfrazy etc and I hope that all of  you will be on that table with me !! Since I am informing you very early, I know no one can say I am busy :P Miss you all guys and good luck to whatever you are doing.

This letter is dedicated to that one awesome person who was the GLUE that held the group together and to whom I forgot to wish on her birthday.Belated Happy birthday Kittu:)